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Celebrating Black History Month in Rock Hill, SC

African Americans have become an integral part of American society; however, this was not the case. Due to the perseverance of many people of the black community, they have been freed from the shackles of slavery and got the rights of equality. On the grounds of some people's contribution, people of the black community have the right to vote and enjoy other civil benefits
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5 Fun Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Rock Hill

Valentine's Day is the best time to do something with your partner and get to know each other better or have a fun time together. It is the day when lovers come celebrating together to celebrate their valuable relationship.
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Do I Need to Replace More Than One Tire at a Time?

Do I Need to Replace More Than One Tire at a Time?

The most well-known inquiry individuals pose, "How frequently the vehicle tire should be replaced?" Generally, two different variables determine the tire replacement: They are tire wearing and age.

Wearing of tires: 

Every tire will, some time or an other wears down. The way of the tires wearing is a sign of an alignment issue or pressure in the tire. The tread of the tire should be wearing evenly over the entire tire instead of within or the tires outside. Your car tires will wear eventually irrespective of how well you drive your car, although it tends to be quickened if you aren’t maintaining your tires. 

Age of Tire: 

Tire maturing happens when the tire parts, including the elastic, start to change after some time. It might occur because of ecological effects and conditions related to storage and the measure of the tire's utilization. At the same time, the vehicle gets driven or an ideal tire with no utilization. 

Why is tire replacement necessary?

  • Old or worn-out tires can prompt an assortment of issues, including: 
  • Compromised street hold because of a tread worn-down
  • Tires blown can be troublesome or even lead to an accident 
  • Having trouble in halting and slowing down successfully 

Signs of tire replacement:

The following are the tips which will help you determine if your tires have aged and needed replacement:

  • Replacement of tread depth for replacing tires can be identified by utilizing the penny test technique or measure of tread depth. This test is entirely dependable, and you can certainly try it. 

  • A lump on the vehicle tire shows that the tires' unbending interior casing has been harmed, permitting gaseous tension to arrive at the tire's adaptable external layers. Tires with lumps in the sidewall or air pockets must be promptly replaced, even if the tread status is satisfactory. 

  • If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel while you drive, it’s a sign of uneven wearing of your tires. If there is a misalignment, then it may also cause vibration, so it is critical consulting a tire proficient at deciding the reason for the vibration. 

  • The age of tires is a typical reason for tire sidewall breaking. Every tire is exposed to different cruel conditions, and subsequently, the elastic in vehicle tires debases typically after some time. Envision an old elastic band that is fragile and effortlessly broken. A similar impact occurs in tires, even if you haven’t used the tires and kept in a place where breaking can happen. Usually, splitting is brought about by daylight, excessive warmth, and ozone introduction. Then again, cuts are ordinarily brought about forcibly like hit by a stone or some sharp objects. 

  • Clearly, there is something in the tire; the problem should be tended to right away. Even if the gap isn't causing inordinate spilling, disregarding an opening from some sharp objects such as nails can prompt the driver issues later on. Dampness can spill into the tire, leading to rusting of the steel parts. Stuck things inside can debilitate the tire's region and potentially lead to perilous victories if not managed conveniently. 

  • Irregular wear examples could show wheel misalignment, ill-advised expansion pressure, a tire revolution requirement, or maybe the entirety of those mentioned above. 

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How Often Should You Rotate Car Tires?

Tire Rotation means shifting of tires from one position of your vehicle to the another. Usually, in tire rotations, you would move the front tires in the back and back ones on the front. However, tire rotation has different patterns; it is recommended that you follow the ones described in your owner’s manual.

Generally, tire rotation is needed every 3000 to 8000 miles, as a rule of thumb; however, exceptions always apply. Also, follow your owner’s manual.

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Tire rotation is to guarantee that the tires are evenly wearing. This will increase the longevity of tires and save you money.

Tire wear is also significant for adjusted handling. For instance, the inability of rotating tires on a front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicle will, in the long run, bring about significantly lesser tread in front tires compared to rear tires. This could make it extremely hard to control your vehicle, particularly on wet roads.

A few vehicles with no suspension or alignment issues may also cause strange wearing patterns on non-rotated tires, thereby decreasing their service life. Tread cupping, which might produce high levels of vibration, is one such irregular wear pattern that can be fixed with tires rotation. 

There is one final purpose behind rotating the tires on a regular timetable: The tire producer may need to keep the warranty in effect.

Front-Wheel Drive:

The front tires of vehicles (FWD) wear more rapidly than back ones since more force is put on the tires at the front while steering the vehicle on the road.

To rotate the tires effectively of a vehicle (FWD), the tires at the front need to be moved to the backside and back to the front. However, when you move the back tires towards the front, ensure you are putting them on the opposite sides of the vehicle, which means put the back right tire to the front left side and put the back-left tire to the front right side.

Rear-Wheel Drive:

The vehicles, such as the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) ones, give more adjusted wear since the rear tires convey force to the pavement while the front tires do the steering part. Indeed, even with this division of work, in any case, the different capacities, front and back, produce different patterns of wearing, which is why tire rotation is recommended.

While rotating your tires in a RWD vehicle, you should do something contrary to what you would do with a FWD vehicle. Make sure to move the back tires towards the front; however, it should remain on a similar side. Move your front tires towards the backside; you should move the left tire of the front to the back and the front right tire to the back’s left side.

All-Wheel or four-wheel Drive:

These vehicles have the most substantial reason to rotate the tires to keep even wearing of the tread. In numerous vehicles, the significant differences in track depth can put a excess strain on the drivetrain.

You will follow a similar process in rotating tires in all-wheel or four-wheel (AWD) vehicle as you would have done in a RWD. The front right should be shifted to the left-back, and the front left will move to the right rear, and the two tires at the back should be shifted the front without exchanging sides.

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Tips to Drive safe for the Holidays

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished and cautious driver, you are powerless to the numerous dangers on the road. Weather and traffic can wreck even the best-laid plans, and other drivers represent an elevated danger when festivities are affecting everything.

The rate at which people travel during the holiday season are relatively high and social commitments draw us out from our homes and into the streets. We need to visit our families, attend occasions, and take excursions. Also, there are shopping needs, errands to be run, and your children and pets are in need to be taken care of. It's an apparently unending spin of expressways, traffic lights, and parking areas. Exercise safe driving consistently to stay away from mishaps.

Here are simply the ideal approaches to ensure you and your family’s safety this holiday season.

Stay alert:

Don't think that the drivers will always be in the best mood, so maintain your attention on the road and drive with additional consideration. Remember when driving that numerous other people are celebrating on the road with you. Delay for an additional beat at traffic lights and stop signs and watch out for other drivers.

Start your journey early:

Traffic can show up suddenly and demolish your arranged schedule in a flash. Give yourself additional time and guide out other courses on the off chance that traffic, mishaps, or weather comes to play. GPS programming can help you in a jam yet have regular maps if there isn't a mobile network available.

Defensive driving:

Take as much time as is needed and focus on the other drivers around you. Give additional room among you and other vehicles, and permit drivers to merge to diminish the danger of a mishap.

Drive calm:

The vast majority enjoy alcohol when going on holiday occasions. If you drink, don't drive debilitated. Make courses of action with sheltered, calm transportation before going to those holiday parties.

Weather forecast needs to be checked:

Winter can be erratic with terrible snowfall and ice. Check the weather gauge before you leave and change your arrangements as needed.

Don't text while driving:

Handheld cellphone use is risky. Messaging is one of the top explanations behind mishaps today, and the holidays elevate its risk. Dodge all interruptions while driving, particularly your mobile phone.

Service your vehicle:

The winter months are incredibly hard on your vehicle because of the salt and ice on the roads. You have seconds to respond when there is a mishap, and you need your vehicle to be prepared to react. See that you have enough gas and oil, and that the tires are well maintained before leaving, so you can be certain you show up securely.

There is a danger any time you drive; however, driving throughout the winter can be particularly hazardous. The season celebrations will draw more drivers onto the roads, and not every person will practice the most extreme alertness in their movements. With more alcoholic drivers on the road, you must drive cautiously.

Regardless of where your movements take you, there will be dangers like weather and occupied drivers on the roads. With a little readiness and a ton of center, you can evade the movement troubles of the holiday season.

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Tips to prepare your vehicle for winter

If you haven't taken appropriate care for your car this upcoming winter season, then it’s time that you do now. Cars are of the precious assets you have and taking appropriate care of it would enhance its longevity and shielding it from different adverse situations like harsh weather.

Here are a few tips to ensure winterizing a car appropriately:

The antifreeze and cooling system need to be checked: Before there is a significant drop in the temperature, make sure that you drain your cooling framework and add a new antifreeze. Depleting the car radiator and topping it off with new coolant ought to be done once every year.

To know the appropriate coolant level, check your owner's guide: The reserve tank or the overflow liquid levels should be adequately checked to see if they are sufficient.

Tire checking: To know if there is sufficient tread on tires and the suggested tire pressure, check them weekly. You can find the guidelines for suggested air pressure inside the driver's side door, door jamb or in the owner’s manual.

Worn tires need to be replaced: All-climate tires are satisfactory for winter; however, a few states expect a vehicle to have snow tires accompanied by studs or tire chains. So, ensure that you are abiding by the laws.

For those living in ice or snow prone zones, winter tires are the ideal option, which is intended to hold frigid asphalt.

The worn windshield wipers need to be changed: As there will be more salt and sand accumulating on the windshield wipers. You should be changing the wiper fluid with a winter mixture and ensuring a proper fluid level is maintained. The winter blades are ideal for slicing through ice and snow, so think about them too.

Checking of brake cushions and brake fluid: The wear and tear for brake pads should also be checked and replaced if necessary. Also, monitor the brake fluid levels, change the rotors if they are found non-functional.

Car battery testing: The cables and the terminals of the car battery should be secured from corrosion. The best way to run a battery check is by turning the headlights on before starting the engine. If you find them getting brighter once you turn over the motor, plan a meeting with a technician for additional electrical examination. Have your battery assessed by a specialist if its service life is over three years.

What about the defroster and the heater? Switch the defroster and the heater of your vehicle on and off for checking whether they are fine or not.

The headlights are bright enough: All your headlights should be clear and working. Wipe lights off before you drive to a downpour or icefall. Change all the hazy, foggy, or harmed headlights for better vision.

Do you have the right motor oil? Heavier oils thicken at lower temperatures and may not grease up also, so consider changing to the "oil for winter" or something which isn't thicker.

Examine exhaust framework: Replace or fix spills and pleated lines to help keep CO2 out of the traveler compartment.

Your gas tank should be half-full at least: Your gas tank should be kept at least half full so that moisture inside the gas line doesn't get frozen.

Periodical car wash is necessary: Street salt from harms your car's paint; by regularly washing your car during the colder seasons.

  • To avoid corrosion, apply some layer of wax.
  • To get a better vision on the road, clear the ice and snow from your car's hood, roof, head, and the taillights.
  • For securing your car's carpeting, the winter floor mats are the best choice.
  • Whenever there is an excellent and sunny day, make sure that you hose to wash your vehicle to safeguard it from salt, mud, and dirt and prolong its service life.

Also, you must have an emergency travel kit handy as well as an automobile insurance coverage before driving down the streets during this winter.

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Eight Ways To Spend Time In Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill is recognized as the fifth largest city within South Carolina (SC). The city is full of several exciting historic and outdoor places to visit.
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The 2021 Nissan Rogue

If ever there was an affordable SUV that gives complete peace of mind, it would have to be the Nissan Rogue. The newest version takes the ownership joy of this compact SUV a step higher...
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Iconic Halloween Movie Cars

Halloween is fast approaching, so why not get a little freaky? You might have thought about getting dressed up as a monster or a terrifying creature. But did you ever think about having a car that would scare the heck out of people? Numerous Hollywood horror movies have been made where cars have played a significant role...
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How To Carve A Pumpkin

Although it isn’t really rocket science to carve a pumpkin, it’s good to have a plan. Carving the pumpkin is a very common activity during Halloween, and is a favorite pastime for most families. Both children and adults can have fun with what they carve, and this article will tell you how to go about mastering this incredible activity. 



  1. It is a good idea to pick a pumpkin which can last for a long time, since it is likely to be used beyond Halloween as well. Getting a large and fresh one would give you the best start. Always try to get one with a flat base, so that its carvings can be displayed easily. 
  2. You need to prepare the workstation for this job. It should be done in a place where you don’t mind getting messy. Ensure that you line the kitchen tabletop or the outdoor work surface with something which can be disposed of later, such as newspaper, butcher paper, or useless grocery bags. 
  3. Get the proper tools to carve the pumpkin. A serrated knife would work well to cut off the top portion. Pumpkin carving kits are also available. 
  4. Decide the design you wish to create before starting the job. You may use a light marker pen to make a face, eyes and nose on the pumpkin. Get a couple of big bowls to keep the pumpkin goo and seeds aside, which you will need to remove with ladles. You would do well to keep the pumpkin seeds and then roast them with just salt and oil to enjoy as a tasty snack.       
  5. Make use of a kitchen towel to wipe the pumpkin
  6. Use the knife to cut out the marked portions to reveal your interesting caricature
  7. You could put a tealight into the pumpkin and light it up to reveal a person


More creative uses for your pumpkin

Making a Jack-o-Lantern is a very common use of the pumpkin, but did you know that you could stretch your imagination even further with this fruit? Here’s how:

  • You can create wax candles from a pumpkin. First you need to scoop the seeds out and carve it. Add molten wax and a wick to make a rustic candle
  • Make a soup bowl out of it by slicing away the top and scooping away the seeds and flesh
  • Removing the seeds and pulp can help you use the pumpkin to prepare your own chiller, with ice cubes, wine bottles, soda cans, and other beverages
  • Use the scooped out pumpkin to house beautiful flowers, especially when you want to give a DIY gift to your mother
  • Recreate a small outdoor or indoor garden by putting pumpkins within green plants


Take precautions while carving

Always ensure that you are careful while carving the pumpkin, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Do not choose a knife with very sharp edges. Keep the fruit in an area where you can look at the entire pumpkin easily, instead of only a part of it. Also, to be on the safer side, it would be a good idea to keep a bit of toothpaste by your side, just in case you do get a small wound. 

Plus, at Rock Hill Nissan, we have a scary good selection of new and used vehicles for the ultimate Halloween treat for yourself this year. Contact us today!

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The 2020 Nissan Versa

The 2020 Nissan Versa is a package with a class-leading safety score, excellent interiors and a healthy mileage in the American subcompact car segment...
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Nissan Vehicle Maintenance FAQ

Even if you have the slightest doubt that your Nissan needs service, you should take the vehicle to an authorized dealership. This may even be done through a simple call, but it sure will help you save yourself from inconvenience and greater expenses at a later date...
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Auto Servicing Financing in Rock Hill, SC

Have you lately been facing problems due to escalating service and repair costs on your Nissan car? If the answer to this question is yes, it is about time for you to choose the auto service financing option in Rock Hill, SC, as well as Lancaster, SC, and Charlotte and Monroe, NC...
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Why You Should Rent A Car

Automobiles originally started out as a necessity for people, and soon turned into a matter of convenience. A car allows individuals to carry their equipment, supplies and other items from one location to another, but it isn’t always affordable...
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2020 Nissan Rogue Sport

This versatile subcompact SUV offers a sporty ride within the city. Its dimensions allow individuals to easily park downtown and venture into any corner of the town as well as providing ample amount of leg space...
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Used Car FAQ

The automobile industry is always making advancements and paving the way for new technologies through constant innovation. Over the past few years, the used car market has done tremendously well in creating their space in the industry...
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July Events Near Rock Hill, SC

The days are long and sunny and the nights are humid and filled with the familiar chirping of insects. It’s finally Summer in Rock Hill, SC, and after a long time spent quarantining this past Spring, you may be dying to get out and enjoy some of the many activities and events that can be found in the area...
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2020 Nissan Rogue

The 2020 Nissan Rogue is a practical, value-heavy crossover that comes with advanced technologies, an array of safety features, and a brawnier look. The 2020 Rogue’s new features have given it plenty of traction in today’s marketplace...
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With a long list of impressive features and an excellent overall value, the 2020 Nissan Altima is a great mid-size sedan for buyers of all walks of life. Nissan has made a number of changes for the 2020 Altima lineup, especially in styling. Laid out below in detail are a few of the most notable features we can expect in 2020 for the Nissan Altima.
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Life before Coronavirus was different than what it is today. Due to the rapid spread of the disease, countries are following mass lockdowns and social distancing protocols, which have managed to reduce the spread.
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