Unwanted Car Sounds and What they Mean

Unwanted Car Sounds and What they Mean

Being a car owner, having your car making disturbing sounds can be quite a distressing factor. If you have been experiencing any of such sounds, it is time to acquire learning about the same.

Here are a few of the unwanted car sounds and their significance.

  1. Clunking:

If the car makes a clunking sound while using the brakes, it might mean that there is significant damage to the calipers, brake discs, or pads. If you hear the sound while driving over bumps, you might need to inspect the suspension and the exhaust system of your car. However, if the car clunks while turning corners, it could result from wheels and tires, steering, worn-out wheel bearings.

  1. Hissing:

A hissing sound indicates a leak caused in the fluid submerging onto a hot part of an engine, like a radiator. If this happens while accelerating, it can be a vacuum leak from the small hoses caused around the intake of the engine’s air.

  1. Knocking:

A knocking sound can be a sign of something being seriously wrong. It is recommended to get it checked at the earliest. Only an expert will be able to guide you and evaluate the problem. Knocking is sometimes referred to as an engine condition; however, it sounds like a faint metallic ping while accelerating. It can essentially come from an engine that is poorly tuned, with a low octane rating.

  1. Rattling:

A sound like rattling might indicate something is loose. It could also result from the suspension or the exhaust system coming undone, and hence must be checked at the earliest.

  1. Roaring:

Roaring or a noisy exhaust while accelerating tends to point firmly to an old exhaust system that has become damaged. It has worsened to a situation where the muffler, a part responsible for keeping the car quiet, is no longer doing its job. The problem does not tend to cause any further grave damage. However, it can let exhaust emissions come to the cabin.

  1. Whistling:

As dramatic as it sounds, a whistling sound coming anywhere from beneath the hood can mean severe danger. It might mean that an engine has experienced a vacuum leak from one of the hoses. Although it can be tricky to trace, however, is not that a hassle to get it fixed.

  1. Squealing:

The sound is one of the most common sounds which tend to come from beneath the car hood. Such a sound means that one of the belt's drive accessories is slipping on a pulley. However, when it comes from the wheels, it might mean that you have worn-out brake pads or any other brake system concern. If it comes from the tires, you must turn the cap around the right way and operate the accelerator smoothly.


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