No vehicle part will last forever without needing to be tuned up or replaced. Your vehicle's transmission isn’t the exception to that rule and when it fails it can be a costly problem, both in terms of your money and your time. Here are the signs your transmission needs to be serviced.


When your transmission is starting to go sour you might be able to feel, heat and even smell the problem. One clear issue is when your car is jerking or shaking during gear shifts. Your vehicle’s transmission should make your ride smoother during those shifts, and if it’s not then it might be time to refill or replace your transmission fluid.

You can check your transmission’s health by sliding your car into the neutral gear, and listening for any clicks, ticks, groans or whines. If you hear those, that indicates worn gear teeth or failing bearings, in which case your transmission needs to be serviced. Furthermore, if you ever smell what smells like burning rubber, that could mean the transmission fluid is leaking, which can gum up your transmission.


There are some problems you can see in your transmission. The first of which happens to be bright red transmission fluid on the ground, or chronically low transmission fluid levels. Either of those means that your transmission could be leaking and refilling the fluid won’t help. You should get it checked out by a specialist.

The fluid doesn’t have to be leaking to cause problems for your car. You also need to check for cloudy, particle-filled, or burnt fluid by using a dipstick. If you notice those issues, then it is time for your transmission to be flushed.


If you ever notice these issues, it’s important that you get them checked right away. Waiting could result in much bigger problems, which can cost you a lot of money or leave you without a car for a period of time.

Bringing your car in for service at Rock Hill Nissan can be the difference between costly problems and a quick fix.


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