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Coronavirus and Cars

 Life before Coronavirus was different than what it is today. Due to the rapid spread of the disease, countries are following mass lockdowns and social distancing protocols, which have managed to reduce the spread. 

The financial crisis remains a concern for many with millions of jobs at stake. It is not only the general public that is being affected by the consequences of COVID-19, but the global economy is also in grave danger. Many industries have been compelled to shut down their services and manufacturing, resulting in a decrease in sales across the board.

 The car industry has been facing its share of losses due to the mass lockdowns in many regions. As we know, China is an epicenter of car manufacturing, and the spread of the disease started to affect manufacturing in December of last year. The impact of COVID-19 can be felt throughout the world in the form of a production shortage. A majority of the prominent automakers have shut down their factory outlets and are facing a decrease in sales as well.

Automotive Industry’s Effort To Bring Back Sales

Now is the time when the car industry should showcase its efforts to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. The car industry has decided to help customers with payment relief and auto loan relief programs during the Coronavirus crisis. With payment relief, manufacturers are aiming to lure customers back in and boost their sales.

It is not a shock that customers are hesitant to make big purchases during this time. Those who intend to buy/lease cars during this time period can enjoy payment relief options and more affordable prices. Generally, manufacturers have decided on around six-months of payment relief for buyers.

Those who were planning to buy a new car during this time of the year are currently re-thinking their plan. However, with the current offers provided by manufacturers, customers have ample opportunities to get a great car at a better price than ever before. Rock Hill Nissan has been following the payment relief program and welcoming all interested customers to reap the benefits of those efforts.


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